Anthony Miceli

Anthony Miceli

Owner / Kids CrossFit Head Coach / Coach


CrossFit L-1

About Coach

I was born in Queens New York as a first-generation Italian American. My Family move to Boca Raton Florida when I was 9. I have been Crossfitting since 2013. I fell in love with functionally and the community of CrossFit. I love the challenge as it motivated me to push for more. Since meeting CrossFit I have learned the importance of mindset… Crossfit has taught me that we as humans limit ourselves and we like to stay in our comfort zone but nothing grows in the comfort zone you have to burst through that shell to break barriers in your life. I received my Crossfit L-1 in August 2019 and have been coaching ever since. I teach a mindset shift with each class to promote better thinking. I love to see members push through what they thought were their limits. Love being a part of the world's best fitness program and creating a healthier and better person !!!

Turning Point

Motivation & Passion

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