Dariela Miceli

Dariela Miceli

Owner/Head Coach


CrossFit Level 2 certification

CrossFit Gymnastics

About Coach

Wife and mom of two (Ariabela & Gianni). I was born in Venezuela and had been living in Florida since I was 6. I found CrossFit in 2014 and haven't looked back since then. As I grew and learned more about this sport, I knew it was a match...the sport, the people, and the COMMUNITY as a whole. I was given the opportunity to attend a CrossFit L-1 seminar in 2017 and shortly after I began to coach classes in Port St. Lucie. I love sharing my passion for this sport and never forgetting where I started, and I share that story with everyone. We all have to start somewhere, never working out and barely being able to lift an empty barbell was my starting point, I have come so far. I love watching my athletes grow and checking off their list of goals and accomplishments...always hungry for more! Opening up Palm City CrossFit was my dream, creating a family and a fantastic community with everyone around me.

Turning Point

Motivation & Passion

My purpose for coaching is to know I am helping someone achieve their goals. I want you to succeed more than myself! I see myself and where I started in all my athletes, so I relate to many challenges and obstacles they may face. I’m here to guide them and help them become a better version of themselves, better than they were the day before…that’s my motivation.

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