Sebastian Subia

Sebastian Subia

Head Bootcamp Coach

Weighted pull-up 1RM 70 lbs

Weighted ring muscle-up 15 lbs

Deadlift max 320 lbs

Single arm push-ups 8

Back squat max 260 lbs

Clean max 175 lbs


ACSM Certified Personal Trainer

ISSA Strength and Conditioning Coach

CrossFit level 1

CrossFit Gymnastics

About Coach

As a child, I was never the athletic type but always wanted to be able to do what action heroes did. My fitness journey began when I was in fifth grade and my dad showed me how to play squash. That's when I started training by myself. Of course, I have no real knowledge of what I was doing, but perseverance kept me going. Then I began to practice Capoeira, then American Kenpo, always training at my house or the gym when I could afford it. To get every movement or exercise I needed to study the progressions and the correct execution of which muscles are working. As I grew up I learned the importance of mobility, warm-up, and execution to avoid injury. This way we can achieve longer and healthier lifestyles.

Turning Point

While studying Veterinary Medicine in Ecuador, my mom pushed me to take my first functional training certificate. I graduated as a Vet, but in my last semester, I started to work in a gym and realized my true passion was and is still fitness and helping people do what they thought was impossible.

Motivation & Passion

Teach the physical and mental importance of physical activities. Help people recover from injuries, and start moving the correct way.

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